Sunday, June 28, 2009

While He's Gone: Tip #2

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Every time your sailor calls you, try to have a few things handy. I carried a small notepad in my purse, along with a pen, and a small list of addresses of his friends and family. Every time I would run in to a friend or family member of his, I would purposely get their address and write it down. Almost every time my sailor called, he would ask for an address, or ask about a friend or family member.

Also, there were numerous times when he would call and ask me to write something down for him. That's where the notepad came in handy. He asked me to write down different addresses of where he was staying, rank changes (and therefore name on the envelope changes), flight numbers, dates and very often, bank and bill pay information.

Now, remember, his phone calls will usually be pretty hurried, as they usually only get a few minutes to talk to you, and they have to squeeze information, schedules, updates and lovin' all in that short time! So, having all the necessary tools handy when he calls can only make things easier on the both of you.

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