Thursday, June 18, 2009

Before He Leaves: Tip #1

For the weeks coming up to before your Sailor leaves for bootcamp or deployment, a lot of women start really pressuring themselves to make sure his last few weeks are 'special' and 'memorable'...which honestly, will make you go crazy that it won't be good enough. I wanted there to be no bad times, and nothing to go wrong so he would walk away with nothing but perfect memories of home, but most of all, of me. This is pretty much impossible ladies. Trust me when I say that he is having nervous and scary thoughts about leaving too, and the few weeks before he leaves, he is taking pleasure in the littlest things that you wouldn't even normally take notice going to the bathroom whenever you want, eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting, and sleeping past 4am. In boot camp, he'll have so many liberties taken away that all he'll want to do is live life normally again.

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