Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boot Camp Tip #1

When writing him letters, sneak a powdered drink mix into the envelope, between a few sheets of paper. He can pour it straight into his canteen, and no one's the wiser. Never pack it on the outside! You'll be able to see it through the envelope and that sort of defeats the purpose of 'sneaking it'. Remember, also, that you will most likely be packing a few pictures in there, as well as your letters, so more than one drink mix, and the letter could get suspiciously heavy.

Since they only have a few selections of beverages, this treat will remind them of home, and of course, how much you love them! Just make sure they're the individual packets that can be poured into a single water bottle. Gatorade, Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, Welch's, and Powerade all make them nowadays, even Hawaiian Punch makes them.

Some sailors will snitch in an attempt to get on the petty officer's good side, so make sure to tell your sailor to pour it in his canteen the second he gets it! (However, the jokes on the snitch, because they'll get labelled as 'rats' and will be singled out by the petty officers, which, in boot camp, in never a good thing!) If your sailor should get caught, the worst that can happen? He has to pour it out and you can send him another one. This is a known secret throughout boot camps, in all the branches of the military, so ask your man what he wants!

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