Monday, June 22, 2009

While He's Gone: Tip #1


This is more for you, ladies. While he's away, all sorts of emotions might begin to plague you. Personally, I walked around in a fog for the first few weeks. Here are two idea's on how to start feeling human again...

1. Throw yourself into your work. One of the main problems I had when my Sailor was gone...feeling unproductive! (of course that was before I had my blog to satisfy my creativity outlet) My sailor is off to boot camp or out at sea making the world a better place, seeing all the sights, and here I am, sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. I got a 2nd job, not only to pass the time, but also so that I could feel like I was doing my part to contribute to our life together. (Keep in mind that both were part time positions, and that 1 may be plenty for you!) Bottom line, the less time spent at home wallowing, the better.

2. When he first leaves, you may not feel much like going out, especially after you realize that a lot of people will treat you like he left you behind, with pitiful hugs and eggshell steps around your feelings, as if at any moment, you might pull a "Stellaaaaaaa!!" montage. However, give yourself about a week to mourn your everyday routine with your love, and then start calling up close friends. You don't need to hit up the club or go bar-hopping necessarily, but a night at the local Starbucks with a few close buddies can't hurt. Doing something you thoroughly enjoy with people who you trust to know how to treat you during a time like this will do your emotional status a world of good. Try eating at a quaint, comfy restaurant with your best friend (busy, high traffic, trendy places may make you feel lost and alone). Telling yourself that this is a good time to get back in touch with friends and family will help push you along.

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