Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boot Camp Tip #2


This is probably the most important tip when writing those love letters to your sailor in boot camp. If you have a perfume that you always wear, or one that is your sailor's favorite, spritz it on each page of your letters. It makes the whole experience for him that much better. Plus, it reminds him of you, while he's looking at the picture of you that you sent him, along with the words he hears in your voice. To him, it's the next best thing to having you there! Note - hold the perfume bottle a good 12 inches from the letter when you spray it, spraying in a downward motion. This way, it isn't concentrated on one spot and is more of a mist. You don't want it making wet alcohol stains on your heart felt letter. If you wrote in pen, wait about 5 mins before spraying, or the alcohol could make the yet-to-dry ink run.

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