Monday, December 13, 2010

Military Poetry: Make It Yours


Few things move me like military poetry. For a military wife, those kind words seem to really tug at the heart strings. The authors seem to know what it really feels like to miss your sailor/soldier/marine/airman...ok, this is getting ridiculous. For obvious reasons, these poets can't include everyone's specific affinity with the military. So, I've found this poem for you, and I'd like you to make it your own and re-post it wherever you want...

Far Away

Oh my loved one, so far away
How I needed you at home today.
_____'s been crying for two weeks straight,
_______ at (insert age) went on his/her first date.

The ______ needs fixing, but money is tight,
Come next payday, it will be alright.
Angry words from the past have all been erased,
If only I could hold you, and feel your embrace.

Some days are better, but the nights seem so long,
In the corner of my mind, so many things can go wrong.
I must stand by my (insert spouses title), day after day,
And my prayers will be answered, and all is okay.

How I long for our love, to be together at last,
I'll wait for you patiently, for these dark days to pass.
When we meet again, our love will have grown,
With each deployment, we add strength that's unknown.

Oh my loved one, so far away,
How I long for you here today.

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