Monday, December 6, 2010

Before He Leaves: Tip #3

If you are one of the lucky girls that get to be in your sailor's station before he leaves for a big deployment (4+ months), the information highway will be just few steps away. A few months before your sailor's deployment, there will be a pre-deployment brief near the base. This meeting is mostly for the spouses and family members being left to hold down the fort. Although, your sailor is required to attend, because the more you find out together, the better you will be able to plan. They will talk to you about OPSEC, preparations for his leaving, power of attorney, ways to cope whilst your loved ones are away and much more. One of the most vital things I learned about was monthly meetings that take place at a pre-designated location, to be decided by your local ombudsmen group. These meetings are for spouses and family members, and have daycare ready and on site to watch the kiddo's while you're being filled in on some much needed deployment updates. They'll let you in on possible docking dates, ship news, alerts, and even when your sailor is set to return home. Plus, it's just one more venue to meet other Navy wives who are going through just what you are! The more friends and support you have, the more the time will fly by, and you want to make this time as easy on yourself as you can!

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