Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

In honor of Independence Day this year, I am posting this lovely picture of Cake Pops, made with our Armed Forces in mind. Tomorrow will not only be a day to celebrate America's Independence, but also to thank all our Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen for defending our nations Independence! This wonderful website, aptly named Bakerella, is a baking blog that I read on a daily basis.


Incidentally, (and you knew I was going to tie in some advice here) baking is a good hobby to take up while your Sailor is away, for multiple reasons.

  • You are going to be bored with all that time on your hands, normally reserved for TLC time with your Sailor. Taking up a hobby is the key to keeping your sanity. You need something fun and fulfilling to occupy your time, and what better way to do that then by making something sweet that you can reward yourself with?!
  • Baking can be so rewarding. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment that helps so much when you know your Sailor is contributing his whole life to service our country. This way, you can feel like you did something cool too!
  • Speaking of helping out, if your Sailor is deployed, or in school, you can bake various sweet dishes and send them to him or his shipmates. If he's in school, make sure the package you send him is resealable, because only sealed packages of food are allowed in their rooms. There is NO outside food allowed at boot camp! Also, make sure the items you send can weather the trip, *pun intended! Remember, chocolate melts, dairy expires and dough dries out, so follow these tips from Treat The Troops, from a lady that has been baking for our troops since 1990!

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  1. good, i'm glad i am giving you something to look forward to :) PCSing can be quite a pain in the butt, but if you stay positive, it can be a great adventure! i was dreading coming to guam at first, but we really love it here!